Our Vision

We are strong believers that one of the most important features that form a person’s beauty is their smile. Everyone wants to live in happiness and that is often shown through a smile, which some people are reluctant to demonstrate because there are not satisfied with theirs. Our vision is to fix the teeth of everyone that comes into our clinic, so they are able to leave content and satisfied.

Our Story

Just like teeth, we have our roots too! This is a family-owned practice that opened in 2018. Our main dentist, Dr. Delio Garcia, was born in Cuba where he became a dentist. Later on, he moved to Chile where his passion and practice of dentistry continued. Finally, in 2003 he came to the wonderful city of Miami where he began studying at the University of Florida to get his degree in Dentistry while also perfecting his English. Our dentist has come a long way to be able to treat you with the best of his abilities, skills, and knowledge. Little by little, the practice has grown and modernized to better fit the needs of our patients.


Delio Garcia

Doctor & Owner

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Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.